AllyFlex Back Brace for Lower Back Pain: Get 20% Off


Get the support you need for heavy weightlifting in the gym and find relief from back pain with this versatile and breathable AllyFlex back brace with an exclusive 20% discount.

The Lower back brace for men and women has covered you overall and distinctively. This innovative safety belt provides essential lumbar support, making it the ideal choice for those dealing with lower back pain. Also, it deals with discomfort caused by sciatica, scoliosis, herniated discs, or simply the strains of daily bending and lifting.

The lightweight back support belt for gym goers and stay-at-home seniors is made of high-grade materials i.e. removable velcro elastic straps – two ergonomically shaped lumbar pads – durable, soft, breathable nylon – perforated neoprene fabric with high compression and coolmax lining skin layer, highly breathable and comfortable. All these highlighted features work together to provide ultimate compression support and ease. 

The elastic straps fitted on the support belt make it a versatile and adjustable back brace that fits according to the waist and hip size of the user, plus it is embedded with orthopedic pads to ease the usage whilst working out in a gym or treating ortho discomforts.

Carry the portable neoprene back brace for posture with you either in your gym bags or in your office bags and don’t let back pain hold you back any longer. 

The price before the discount was $48.99 now it is available for $38.95 only. Grab yours today and take advantage of the exclusive 20% discount offer. Get the support you deserve with the AllyFlex Back Brace!