Amazon Basic Slam Ball for a Full Body Workout: Get 10% Off!



Get your hands on the Amazon Basics Medicine Ball for a sturdy boost to your workouts and exercise routine offer a discount of 10%. This 12-pound dynamo, dressed in vibrant orange and black, is not your run-of-the-mill fitness gear – it’s a slam ball, a twisted buddy, and a balance maestro all rolled into one.

Crafted from firm rubber, it’s ready to endure your sweat sessions with poise. The textured surface ensures a solid grip, making each move a confident one.

Whether you’re into ball toss games or slam ball exercises, this medicine ball has your back. The weight is boldly labeled on both sides, letting you focus on your routine without missing a beat. Strengthen your core, enhance balance, and fine-tune coordination in style. Squats, twists, sit-ups – this ball is a game for them all.

Sized at 9.3 inches in diameter, it’s compact yet potent. Don’t break a sweat setting it up – it’s good to go right out of the box. With this budget-friendly steal, you’re not just getting sturdy; you’re grabbing a deal that screams value.

The list price of this product was $34.10 after getting a discount of 10% the new price appears at $30.62. Boost your workout game with Amazon Basics – your ticket to a pocket-friendly fitness revolution.