BalanceFrom Power Rack Shoulders and Arms Workout: Save 46%!


BalanceFrom’s PC-1 Series Power Cage with a massive 1000-lb capacity, this adjustable power rack ensures safe free-weight training, eliminating risks like falling weights, and offers a 46% discount.

The bar catches on side pegs enable handling more weight, promoting shoulder health. The optional Lat Pull-downs and Cable Crossovers target essential muscles, including latissimus dorsi, trapezius, rhomboids, and serratus anterior.

Your spine stabilization and overall performance will improve. Crafted with a heavy-duty square steel frame and h-shape base, it guarantees maximum stability and safety.

The list price of this product was $369.99 after a discount of 46% the new price is $199.99. Prepare for effective shoulder and arms, inner chest, and standing abs workouts. Grab the deal now!