Bionic Body Workout Bar for Inner Chest Workout: Save 30%


The Bionic Body Workout Bar, crafted from high-quality, robust steel, is an essential fitness accessory to tackle your full-body workout. This functional gym bar is designed for practical use and is not limited to athletes and professionals. It has the powerful feature of enduring grueling workout sessions without any breakage, with a 30% discount.

This is quite efficient gear for weight-lifting, arm raises, squats, an inner chest workout, and sculpting the biceps and triceps. This compatible gym essential can be well-matched with all resistance bands for back exercises, so you can experience a wide range of training sessions in one place.

Its ball-bearing swivel prevents the resistance tubes and band from tangling. You can focus on your reps without wrestling with equipment. The carabineer clips facilitate quick and easy changes in the band. This handlebar grip prevents slipping and calloused hands.

In light of the customer’s comments, adding a customized length of the bar can help in more effective training. For beginners in resistance band training, attaching the bands to the bar can be a hectic task.

The original price was $39.99, but now you can grab this upper body workout gear for just $27.99 after a 30% discount.