Bornew Bangle Bracelets for Wrist and Ankle Weights: Save 38%!


Rev up your workouts with Bornew Wrist and Ankle Weights, the ultimate fitness accessory for everyone, offering a 38% discount! Designed for women, men, and kids, this 2 lb. adjustable arm weights set redefines your exercise routine.

Crafted with skin-friendly silicone, these bangle bracelets ensure a smooth and comfy workout experience, preventing skin irritation. The rustproof, waterproof stainless steel block is seamlessly integrated into the stylish bangles, offering both durability and flair.

Say goodbye to slipping and discomfort. The athletic elastic band, secured by ultra-strong Velcro straps, provides a tailored fit for wrists, ankles, and arms of all sizes.

These wrist weights are a breeze to put on and take off, making your workouts hassle-free. Transform your walks, runs, yoga sessions, and more into muscle-building powerhouses. Burn calories, boost balance, and strengthen endurance while enhancing daily activities.

Whether it’s home workouts, Pilates, or on-the-go exercises, these unisex wrist weights are your trusted companion. Lightweight and portable, they effortlessly become a part of your routine.

Ideal for gifting stylish fitness enthusiasts, these weight loss bracelets are perfect for the office, home, gym, or travel. The typical price of this product was $29.99, but after getting a discount of 38%, the new price is $18.23.

Grab the deal today and experience the transformative power of Bornew Wrist and Ankle Weights. Your fitness journey just got a stylish upgrade!