CELERSPORT Ankle Athletic Running White Socks: Save 40%



CS CELERSPORT White Socks are constructed to make every stride, jump, and sprint memorable. These grip socks boast 88.3% combined cotton and 10.7% polyester fabric, with a small amount of spandex. Mens running socks bring you the best global quality with a 40% jaw-dropping discount.

The heavenly mix of premium fabric in these non slip socks pampers your feet and is perfect for a gym session. Its low-cut trending sock design perfectly fits with your gym outfit. You can throw these socks in the washing machine to make your cleanup convenient without losing their quality.

These socks’ cushioning and padded heels are stealing the spotlight and customer’s love.

You can avail of an exclusive 40% discount when you add these sports socks to your cart.  Grab these athletic socks for a smart investment of just $14.95 after the reduction on the listed price of $24.99.