Save 56% on Costway Adjustable 25 lb Dumbbells!



Costway 25 lb dumbbells are made from high-quality unbreakable material that perfectly fits to meet your muscle strengthening needs. The shatterproof dumbbell weight rack made from rust-proof steel and high PP material ensures long lasting use. Grab at a 56% discount.

The anti-slip handle gives a secure grip during back exercises with dumbbells and prevents accidents. Its compact and space-saving design makes this dumbbell highly portable and a preferred choice for gamers. With its user friendly design, you can quickly switch the weight plates from 5 pounds to 25 pounds with a simple handle rotation and can do triceps workout with dumbbells.

It also comes with an adjustable dumbbell tray to put them anywhere without stressing about floor damage. It’s an all-in-one smart solution fitness accessory for your home gym workouts. With these Cheap Dumbbells, you have the power to engage in a variety of exercises.

Dumbbells can target different muscle groups for your standing core exercises like the Shoulder, biceps, forearms, and inner chest workouts. This adjustable dumbbell is enough to sculpt your physique and build muscle strength in the comfort of your home.

This is now available at an incredible price of just $67.99, you’ll be saving a whopping 56% on the original price of $156.00.