Decathlon Dumbbell for Bicep and Tricep Workouts: 58% off



Decathlon Dumbbell for Bicep and Tricep Workouts is a quality fitness gear that strengthens your pecs muscles and engages your full body workout. This dumbbell weight set is now available at a 58% discount.

The cast iron dumbbells provide a comprehensive and gradual approach to bicep and tricep exercises. They have an adjustable weight range of 4.4 lbs to 22 lbs, making them a popular and perfect choice for both professionals and beginners. As you become stronger, you can easily adjust your barbell workouts and customize them to satisfy your inner chest workout requirements.

The barbell collars of this kit are designed to be user-friendly and effortlessly adjustable so you can focus on your intense training without any distractions. Its premium quality rod and stop disc is crafted from iron, steel, and polypropylene texture giving it a long-lasting durability to withstand your functional core exercises for years. This combination of fine materials ensures its sturdy and robust construction that can bear up against dumbbell deadlift and deltoid exercises for increased muscle gain.

This amazing set for chest and arms workout was priced at $59.99, but after a fantastic 58% discount, it’s now available for just $25.