Save 17% on Etekcity Digital Scale to Track Accurate Biometrics


Etekcity Digital Scale is a second name for precision and accuracy. This modern weight scale is a must-have fitness accessory to make your every workout count. Grab at a 17% wallet-friendly price.

Millions of people are getting the best results from this digital weight scale. This electronic scale can record markings as small as 0.05 lb which is its standout feature among other digital tech. This can even track the most subtle change in your weight so you can make further interventions. It also features a range of useful modes to track unique measurements. This versatile digital accessory is designed to make life more easy and convenient.

This Weight Watchers Bluetooth scale is highly compatible with many fitness apps like Apple Health, Fitbit, Google Fit, and many others. You can record sudden changes in your weight effortlessly with this most accurate body fat scale.

Its extra bright LED display gives a clear display of measurements. In addition, it analyzes accurate biometrics and views progress graphs. You can also connect this with Alexa to make a hands-free control over this device.

As per customer reviews, setting up this bathroom scale with apps is quite tricky at first but once a connection is established, it operates smoothly.

The typical price of this scale was $23.99; after getting a 17% discount, the new price appears at $19.99.