FitRx Barbell Set Now at Stealing 42% Discount Offer


FitRx Barbell Set comes in a revolutionary 4-in-1 adjustable kettlebell, dumbbell, and barbells that are perfect for a full-body workout at home. This versatile fitness powerhouse is now at a 42% discount.

This adjustable dumbbell set offers unparalleled flexibility to put all your muscles in a tough growing stage. While focusing on barbell row, incline dumbbell press, or other dynamic exercises, this smart gym accessory targets a group of muscles at the same time.

This 23-piece kettlebell set with push-up handles and padded connectors is the perfect pick for functional strength training and makes every workout worthwhile.

The only downside of this set is its 23-piece collection, which poses an assembling challenge for beginners.

Reduced from the price tag of $169.88 to just $98, this essential fitness booster is giving a huge saving discount of 42%.