Waterproof Hoedia Drawstring Black Backpack – 29% Off!



Carry all your travel accessories, swim, gym, and sports essentials in a Hoedia drawstring black backpack for men and women. Easy to carry anywhere you want with the strong shoulder straps and a show compartment within, saving 29% in your pockets.

The waterproof backpack, made of durable water-resistant Oxford material,  is a perfect choice for gym goers and swim enthusiasts to hold all their workout essentials in one place. This Marvel drawstring backpack contains a wet-proof inner pocket and shoe compartment to keep either your dry or wet shoes or even your wet sports clothes without interrupting with other sensitive accessories. 

The gym swim bag allows enough capacity to get training accessories, swimming essentials, smartphone and accessories beach items, etc., along with you where you head to go. This amazing portable travel backpack is easy to carry, even filled fully with comfortable shoulder straps on a long trip, biking, hiking, and traveling.   

The black backpack is not only practical but also delivers a feel of fashion and dignity when it gets on your shoulders.

The price before the discount was $25.25 and now it is available for $17.99 only. Seize the marvelous and multi-functional Hoedia drawstring black backpack with a 29% price cut and enjoy your fitness journey.