Avail 49% off on Ihuan Durable weight lifting wrist wraps


Avail 49% off on these ihuan weight lifting wrist wraps made of heavy-duty propylene with double stitching. 

Their 21 inches extended length provides stronger grips and 1.4 inches width increase contact on contact surface, while 8.2 inches neoprene padding can prevent straps from cutting into your wrists while heavy lifting.

These weightlifting wrist wraps strengthen your grips, so that you can lift heavy weights without fear of slipping. You can use these wrist straps for using various fitness appliances. These are suitable for all workouts in which you have to grip strongly.

Enhance your workout experience with these gym wrist wraps that were listed for $13.99 but now are available at a 49% discounted price of $7.19. Grab the deal now!