Muscle Milk Vanilla Protein Powder: Save 22%



Get rid of lean muscle issues with this strength-building Muscle Milk Protein Shake. Each 1.8-pound pack delivers an impressive punch of essential nutrients that boost your muscle power. Its one serving provides 15g of premium protein that revamps lean muscles after full body sessions. This vanilla protein powder adds a delightful taste to your shake. Grab a post workout drink at a 22% discount deal.

This NSF Certified high quality protein powder is a powerhouse of dietary essentials including Soluble corn fiber, Tocopherols, Milk protein isolate, Magnesium phosphate, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Non dairy creamer, Potassium Chloride formula and many other additional ingredients. Preferred by Athletes, it’s a favored recovery solution and muscle mass gainer supplement.

This protein-packed wonder comes with only 100 calories per serving and its sugar-free formula makes it the best choice for athletes. The convenient mixing of gluten free protein powder makes it your go-to option in quick times.

You just have to take 2 scoops and dissolve it in 8 ounces of fluid using a shaker bottle and it’s ready. You can blend it into your post workout smoothie and add more flavor to your meal. This vanilla protein shake balance blend aids in muscle recovery after intense training.

You can enjoy this flavorful post workout drink at an irresistible price with a 22% discount. The original price was $24.98 but now you can grab this at just $19.50.