Save 53% on My Protein Layered Snack Bars



My Protein Layered Snack Bars, with a pure blend of nutritional elements, are a perfect post workout snack for athletes and gym goers. These 5-layer sugar free snacks are carefully manufactured to give you enough protein during intense training. Add this chocolate bar to your cart and get a 53% budget discount.

With a whopping 20g of protein per pack, this best pre workout snack is the ultimate powerhouse for biceps and triceps growth without consuming excess calories. After taking this nutritional delight, you can initiate your full body workout on an entirely new level. Containing only 4 g of total sugar, it’s a win-win pick for a gym snack.

Some consumers waived off their taste preferences, so there should be more flavors to add on.

After a dazzling 53% special offer, you can grab a high protein snack at the discounted price of just $18.99, reduced from $39.99.