Probody 9 inch Small Pilates Stability Ball – Grab 41% Off!



Get a 41% discount on this quality assuring small stability ball used for Pilates, yoga, physio, physical therapy, workouts, barre, fitness, abs, and core. This small and squishy sphere, 9-inch ball is easy to carry at the gym, home, or office.

This multitasked small therapy ball is very useful for deep core exercises resulting in prolonged core strength, help protecting your spine, improves posture and daily functioning, rehabilitation therapy, upper and lower ab workouts, and yoga as it provides perfect balance and support.

Due to its user-safety attributes i.e., anti-burst and strong grip, this is highly recommended by trainers and therapists for core strengthening and balancing as well as for hip, knee, or sciatica issues during workouts and in daily life fitness.

The PVC material used in the making of this exercise ball helps in a leak-proof and burst-resistant exercise. With all these plus features Probody offers a great deal and the added value remains the same.

Typical price of this small pilates – stability ball was $16.95 but after 41% discount you can get it in just $9.95.