Fit your lifestyle with Rimsports Lifting Hooks: Save 27%


Improve your lifting experience with 27% Off on Rimsports premium neoprene padding weight lifting straps with hooks which is a good option for both men and women for heavy weights and bodybuilding.

These wrist wraps with hooks avoid slippery grips and provide a tighter grasp that guarantees anxiety-free workouts by safely bearing the weight and preventing any accidents. The heavy-duty design of the metal hooks ensures they can bear heavy weights without bending.

By shifting weight from your palms to your wrists with the help of deadlift straps with hooks, you can perform more reps and uplift heavier weights while improving the strength of your grip.

So hit your fitness goals with these gym wrist straps along with hooks which originally cost $29.99, but after a 27% discount, you can have them for just $21.99.