Grab 30% Off on Blood Flow Restriction Bands by SAGA


Get the world’s first wireless, auto-calibrating blood flow resistance bands by SAGA with an incredible 30% discount. Crafted for both arms and legs, these cuffs release the power of reduced oxygen flow, activating high-threshold motor units faster and fostering extraordinary endurance improvements.

Controlled by your smart device, BFR Bands display your unique limb occlusion pressure with a single tap, capturing precision in under 30 seconds.

BFR Bands are available in pairs with the 30% discount offer:

Arm Bands: Previous Price: $309, New Price: $216.30
Leg Bands: Previous Price: $339, New Price: $237.30
Bundle (Arm + Leg): Previous Price: $568; New Price: $397.60

Trusted by 2023’s strongest man, Mitch Hooper, and endorsed by exercise physiologists, the BFR Bands are a game-changer.