Serichamk Ankle Strap Dumbbell Attachment: 25% Discount!


Get ready to power up your leg workouts with Serichamk Adjustable Foot Weights Ankle Strap Dumbbell Attachment offers a 25% discount!

Perfect for both men and women, these ankle straps are designed for leg kickbacks, leg extensions, and booty workouts. Sculpt your thighs and lift that butt with ease.

With countless exercises like leg curls, high knees, knee raises, hip kicks, sidekicks, and more, this dumbbell attachment is your all-in-one solution for complete lower back exercises with dumbbells.

Ditch the machine switching and use it at home, gym, or outdoors – no limitations! Reinforced stitching and Velcro ensure durability and stability,

The typical price of Serichamk dumbbell leg extensions was $19.99 after getting a discount of 25%, the new upgraded price is $14.99.

Accommodating up to 50 pound dumbbells. Upgrade your fitness routine and grab the deal now – an essential addition to your gym bag!