Save 68% on Signature fitness 10 Pound Dumbbells!



Power up your workout routine with the Signature Fitness Rubber Encased Hex 10 pound Dumbbells which offer a 68% discount, available in versatile sets for a curated selection of exercises.

Target your tricep and bicep workouts that challenge your muscles and help you reach new heights of strength. Engage your core with a standing abs workout, using the comfortable contoured handles and secure grip these dumbbells provide.

Crafted for convenience, the rubber-encased hexagon-shaped heads prevent rolling, ensuring safety during your inner chest exercises and maintaining an organized workout space. These tools are perfect for various fitness levels and goals.

The listed price of these dumbbells for your shoulders and arms workout was $93.99 after the discount of 68% the new price appears $29.99. Don’t lose the chance to save money with our discounted options. it’s time to grab the deal and embark on your fitness journey with confidence!