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Ward Smelling Salts is a quick performance booster hack for hardcore athletes. This potent salt powder is developed by chemists to help you get your heaviest lifts. It is a pure blend of ammonium chloride and sodium carbonate. This super popular product is specially designed for gym enthusiasts who don’t settle for less performance. Take advantage of a 40% discount offer now.

Ammonia salt can be used to strengthen gym workouts like a powerlifting program, a hockey match, boxing, deep core exercises, or while setting off a new boxing game. These ammonia inhalants are not just a trendy gym accessory but are a preferred choice for bodybuilding and weight training.

The world’s strongest-smelling salts guarantee a peak performance that leaves you speechless for a while. Its long-lasting formula makes it stand out among performance capsules and gives it the strongest smell. Save money on this incredible body-activating product. You just have to mix it with one tablespoon of water once a month to activate its chemical composition, and it’s ready to use. For safe usage, keep at least 6 inches away from the nose.

This inhalant bottle was originally priced at $24.95, but now it can be yours for just $14.90. That’s a jaw-dropping 40% off.