Yes4All Weighted Ball for Strength: Get 31% Off



Yes4All new design larger tread slam exercise ball with an easy tight grip makes your all intensive exercises smooth. A wide glossy groove allows water to slide through quickly, without the fear of slips caused by sweaty hands and intense.

The soft elastic PVC outsides combine with the sand inside making it less bouncy keeps the ball stay in one place once it touches the surface and great for slamming into the ground, ground to shoulder, overhead throws, squats, push-ups, and other major exercises.

This exercise ball is available in different sizes from 10 to 40lbs, so you can choose the most suitable ones for your exercise and training. This ball makes your exercise more shiny and energetic and you will not regret it.

Product Dimensions:

9.6 x 9.6 x 9.6 inches with a weight of 15 pounds


Before: $32.00

After: $21.99

This Yes4All weighted ball with 30 days free return and a 1-year warranty offer you a 31% discount.