Save 31% on the ZenSports Kettlebell Set with Weight Rack!



Boost up your training and exercise with the ZenSports kettlebell set with a weight rack offered at 31% markdown. The versatility of workout weight kettlebells i.e. 5lb, 10lb, and 15lb, allows you to achieve your fitness goals. 

The kettlebells are helpful to strengthen your body while providing comfort for standing chest exercises, standing abs workout, shoulders, arms, and legs workout, upper, lower, and side abs, and thigh workouts 

Each kettlebell is covered with a durable HDPE outer layer and filled with cement, finishing as strong, sturdy, and heavy-duty. A special protective bottom ensures stability and safety.

The kettlebell set focuses on improving the overall strength, balance, core power, flexibility, and coordination of your body. It assists in squats, push-ups, recumbent pushes, swings, and deadlifts as well.

ZenSports kettlebells are anti-break, and anti-crack, for years of use, value-embedded design makes it noise-reluctant and prevents scratches on the floor. The smooth and textured handle makes it non-slippery. Designed with a loop grip, it allows more comfortable movements whilst exercising.

The kettlebells come with a weight rack to hold them for easy storage and are available in 3 different colors.

The price before the discount was $50.99 and now the discounted price is $34.99. Reserve the pocket-friendly deal for your total body fitness at 31% off!