15 Eco-Friendly and Pocket-Saving Yoga Mats for Yogis


Yoga is a spiritual discipline based on gentle science, concentrating on building synchronization between mind and body. The word “yoga” was derived from the roots of the Sanskrit “yuj,” which means “to join, to yoke, or to unite.”. This depicts its initiation on the historical grounds of India and has been practiced for thousands of years as an organic way to keep the human body and mind healthy and peaceful.

Since its inception, yoga has always been practiced on bare ground, sometimes with a deer or tiger skin rug to support the stress induced by practicing yoga. The respected and well-recognized teacher of yoga, “Angela Farmer,” was the one who introduced the concept behind using yoga mats for doing yoga exercises on the floor, aiding in minimizing floor slipping, reducing stress on joints, preventing fall injuries, and evading arthritis.

Yoga mats have become a metaphor for yogis while practicing yoga. It now represents the space in which our minds and bodies inhale calmness and stress relief from a messy piece of daily life. The yoga mat defines your space, provides stability for asanas or meditation, helps with your slip-proof grip and posture maintenance, and aids in recovering from psychological issues like stress and anxiety.

Here, the trigger point is to use natural and eco-friendly yoga mats for yoga practices. The choice of natural yoga mats is beneficial for the yogis themselves and the nature around them. It is about harmonizing peace inside and outside the human mind and body.

It is hard but not absurd to pick the right yoga mat for yoga lovers according to the exercises they practice while taking care of their surroundings as much as they can.

Keeping the preference of dual peace in mind, I handpicked a list of discounted yoga mats for the yogis while safeguarding the environment to ease the selection.

My personalized selection from Amazon includes only 4 stars plus yoga mats, materialized of cork, organic cotton, natural rubber, and thermoplastic elastomer (TPE).

Getting straight to the point, the curation of cheap yoga mats for yogis (men and women) includes:

  • All-natural cotton, cork, suede, resin, and rubber
  • 2mm to 8mm thick
  • Non-slip, non-toxic, latex and silicone-free
  • Durable, sustainable, absorbent, and portable
  • Ideal for hot yoga indoors and outdoors
  • Provides cushion and support for joints for pelvic floor exercises
  • Simple and designed as per the user’s choice
  • Whether for personal or professional use, these mats are built to last

The price range for these eco-supporting yoga mats is typically between $20 and $70, respectively. With an easy-to-choose pocket-suited yoga mat from the carefully collected array.

A helpful note: These economical yoga mats are available on Amazon. Use your Prime shipping code to get your bag shipped to you quickly and for free. If you don’t have Prime service, join the free shipping trial and get free Prime for 30 days.

A list of eco-friendly yoga mats for all your floor exercises with validated discounts:

  1. Lululemon Marble Look FSC Certified Rubber Yoga Mat
  2. HemingWeigh Thick Natural Rubber Yoga Mat – 14% Off
  3. Trigger Natural Tree Rubber Yoga Mat – 20% Off
  4. Primasole Twin Color Resin Yoga Mat –11% Off
  5. Gurus Sweat Absorbent Cork Yoga Mat – 10% Off
  6. QMKGEC 8mm TPE Yoga Mat – 9% Off
  7. UMINEUX Anti-Tear TPE Yoga Mat – 17% Off
  8. SNAKUGA Natural Rubber Yoga Mat – 15% Off
  9. Mat Block TPE Yoga mats – 20% Off
  10. Greater Goods TPE Yoga Mat – 39% Off
  11. MRZZATA TPE Yoga Mat – 27% Off
  12. POPFLEX Natural Rubber Yoga Mat – 26% Off
  13. Genovega Cotton Yoga Mat – 6% Off
  14. Nuveti Printed TPE Yoga Mat – 20% Off
  15. Harborsons Luxury Cork Yoga Mat – 9% Off
  16. POPFLEX Printed TPE, Suede, Cotton Yogamat – 26% Off
  17. Gurus Sweat Absorbent Cork Yoga Mat – 10% Off


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