Convallaria Thermal Leggings and Shirts for Men’s Save 43%



The Convallaria thermal underwear suit is a reliable choice for runners in extreme weather and also offers a whopping 43% discount.

The thermal leggings pair with long sleeve shirts and are engineered from premium materials like polyester fabric and spandex that maintain your body temperature.

This soft winter fabric also provides air insulation, so you don’t sweat during intense training. Its moisture-wicking fleece fabric makes it stand out among other winter sports outfits. The stretchable design of the underwear set allows you to do your split squats at a comfortable level.

The base layer of this outfit prevents Crotch and armpit rash, but sensitive individuals may experience skin irritation due to its heating fabric. This gym gear gives you freedom of movement during your busy running days. This running essential gives healing compression to your shoulder, legs, back, and arms.