COREFX Elastic Bands at a 47% Savings Offer



COREFX elastic bands is the latest resistance training tool to warm up your muscles and tone your abs. With heavy-duty power tubing components, this stretch band boasts unique color-coded handles giving a luxury touch and a secure grip. Pick this wallet-friendly resistance band for an arm workout at a 47% slash discount.

These resistance tubes are a preferred fitness accessory for elite women athletes. Available in 4 power tubes weighing from 10 lbs. to 30 lbs., this all-in-one ultra-versatile tool accommodates a full body workout in a compact place.

These resistance bands with handles are crafted from 100% medical-grade testing procedures to make them durable for years.

This upper body workout tool can be yours at just $7.99 down from $14.99 after a 47% price reduction.