Grab 33% Off on Feet Up Trainer Headstand Bench for Yogi’s



Feet up, head down, and grab this Feet Up headstand bench with a 33% discount—the inversion chair for beginners and seasoned yogis.

Crafted with European precision and leather fabric, the sturdy chair supports up to 2200 lbs, ensuring your safety as you conquer new heights.

Bid farewell to neck and back pain as the chair provides a rejuvenating shoulder massage using your body weight. The wobble-free design, tested in Germany, guarantees stability.

Your core strength and balance with over 100 poses from the included yoga course and poster. Secure your phone in the built-in holder while enjoying free access to the free FeetUp Training App for two weeks.

With a 33% discount, the Feet Up Trainer is now available at $199.90 Not only this, but it also offers an easy interest-free 4-month installment plan of $49.98—a small investment for a big leap towards fitness.

Customer Review: FEETUP’s headstand bench is a true game-changer! From frequent chiropractor visits to just 2-3 visits a month, it’s transformed my life. Initially for my daughter, now my go-to at 47, it’s a godsend, easing multiple accidents and back injuries. A significant boost to my well-being!