Marcy Hammertone Cast Iron Kettlebell Workout Weights: 52% Off!



Boost your power with durable and versatile Marcy Hammertone Cast Iron Kettlebell workout weights for your full upper body workout constructed with recyclable cast iron reinforced with non-rust coating and an amazing 52% discount.

The handles of this maneuvering kettlebell are constructed in a way that you can grip them securely during exercise. The weight of this cast iron kettlebell is 20 pounds and the weight is cast very precisely for safe and efficient workouts. It is made for your inner chest workout to your shoulders and arms workout.

The list price of this kettlebell was $59.99 after the discount of 52%, the new price appears to be $28.99. Add this durable cast iron kettlebell for your thigh workouts to your gym equipment now!