Trideer EVA Yoga Foam Blocks for Yoga Stretches: 25% Off



Deepen your morning yoga stretches with Trideer Yoga Blocks for yogis. The high-density EVA foam blocks are soft to the touch but get sturdy enough to provide support and stability at all levels of yoga exercises, improving your balance, flexibility, and range of motion with a 25% markdown.

These yoga bricks are one of the most popular yoga essentials you can use in yoga practices to help with your poses. They are typically used to extend the arms but have other uses, such as supporting the back, hips, and head.

The yoga props provide additional support for advanced and restorative poses and meditation, allowing you to go deeper into your stretch, and helping you relax, rejuvenate, and improve your flexibility.

The high density EVA foam material also makes the yoga foam blocks lightweight and portable, making them perfect for taking to the yoga studio or gym.

The non-slip and odor-resistant yoga blocks allow you to focus on your practice without worrying about sliding and distraction, providing ultimate support and stability.

The price before the discount was $16.99 and now it is available for $12.74 only. Harmonize your morning yoga stretches with a Trideer yoga block set with a free guide for beginners and practitioners with a price cut of 25%.